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Glass tableware is short of standard You can't choose by experience

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Glass tableware for the advantages of good appearance, easy to clean, clean sanitation, favored by more and more consumers, many consumer often use glass dishes of food, and used in the microwave or oven to heat. Little imagine, some glass tableware toughened glass tableware to burst risk, for example, if you don't understand the applicable scope of heating, it is easy to occur when use. Reporter survey found that many consumers don't really understand choose glass tableware which aspects need to pay attention to, only by experience or businesses to buy, if buy is not applicable to glass tableware, it may cause problems for daily use.
> > toughened glass tableware burst hazard
Nowadays in many families, glass tableware has become essential daily necessities. In daily life, many consumer habits with glass tableware cheng fang milk or food, and then heated in the microwave. So, do it safe? Are all the glass tableware can use the microwave? The answer is no.
In the past two years, about the glass in the oven or microwave heating and burst hurt even reported to happen from time to tome, cause a lot of confusion for consumers, what kind of glass products to fit into the microwave oven heating or electric oven?
According to reporter understanding, on the market at present the mainstream of glass tableware material has two kinds: one is toughened glass; The second is heat-resistant glass. Among them, the impact strength of toughened glass is high and has a certain heat resistance; Heat-resistant glass heat resistance good, strong stability, place it in the microwave or oven heating is more safe. Toughened glass can also be used in the microwave, but the burst potential risks existed, media reported blowout event "culprits", basically be toughened glass.
Expert introduction, glass tableware in the process of machining may be mixed with nickel, nickel and the combination of sulfur contained in the glass composition, became a nickel sulfide. Or electric oven heated in the microwave oven, glass tableware contains nickel sulfide will occur, leading to burst. In addition, in the process of production with toughened glass impurities or bubble, and scratch caused during processing, are responsible for its one of the reasons for the burst in the heating process.
> > product information chaos
For some glass tableware possible burst risk, whether businesses made clear enough to remind? Reporter recently visited several large supermarkets and stores and found that the glass crisper suits are generally clearly marked on the manual of the information such as material, the applicable scope. Reporter saw in a supermarket in Beijing, for example, its sales in a glass container specifications indicate the product information such as material, using the matters needing attention, as in the oven should be how to use, the circumstances under which the use of dangerous will happen. In addition, some products also prominently marked on the material properties, heat-resistant glass or tempered glass, others on the packaging of your products with packaging to identify the types of glass, use guidance information, etc.
Compared with glass, the dishes of the product standard is fuzzy, some products only on the material simple stenciled "glass" 2 words, did not express what kind of glass, also did not indicate whether can be used in the microwave or oven heating. More simple landmarks from the product name and barcode, other information is unknown.
Reporters from ikea to buy glasses in a visible on the outer packing the only with the national standard of the amount of the precipitation of heavy metals, did not indicate heat resistance standard. Reporter in another south Korean glass cup on the outer packing of see, only "application notes" column for the Chinese label, the rest of the product information both in English and Korean, ordinary consumers can not learn more product information.

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